an exceptionally Friendly Group of

(ex)colleagues & Friends; not only ín Germany but

 extending to members located Far-away on this Globe


Dear Colleagues as well as Ex-Colleagues, including Contractors and other Friends of exFG

The (ex)building on this picture as well as many other buildings have been central meeting points for (ex)colleagues from various parts of the globe. From these contacts – in several cases spanning more than a decade - human bonds have grown. Although the old name 'FG' stopped being used in business at the time of the merger, nevertheless it continues to be used here privately in order to make it easier for all of us to stay in touch. Similarly, the company name 'Ya.......'  was discontinued. Thus, regardless of whether you are a long-time colleague originally coming from either side of the the now-merged companies, a more recent colleague, a brand-new colleague, an ex-colleague and or a friend, you can apply for an exFG address if you want to make it easier for the others to contact you. (If you happen to be an ex-colleague and/or if you do not like the abbreviation exFG, then for your convenience, you can simply type the name of  your ex-company with a dot.com ending and preceded by  the prefix "ex" into your browser to arrive at this site).

Apply now for your exFG address(es)! Just send your forwarding address  i.e. your existing (private) e-mail address(es) to the postmaster@exfg.com! Please specify if you would additionally like any alias(es)@exFG. For more details,  pleae see the ‘SMALL PRINT’ at the bottom of this page.

If you know any present colleagues or ex-colleagues or their friends who are not yet listed in the E-mail Directory, please inform them about this site so that they can become members of the exFG.community!



You can apply for one, two or three addresses at exFG.com :

(#1). A standard e-mail address at exFG.com in the format firstname.lastname@exFG.com . Thus, in the future, your friends will always be able to reach you, provided  Dr. Alois Alzheimer allows them to remember your first and last name. On the present website, they can look -up your exFG.com address in the e-mail directory.

(#2) and/or (#3). To make life still easier for you and your friends, you can additionally get one or two alias address(es) of your choice such as your first name and/or your initial(s) e.g. mail to: xaviera@exfg.com , or to  x@exfg.com or any number  e.g. 7@exfg.com. Indeed, such short alias address can save you lots of typing hassle if you frequently need to enter your own e-mail address at various sites on the Internet. It may also be a lot easier for your friends to type your alias correctly e.g. ww@exfg.com rather than typing your standard address correctly e.g. wladislav.wylczieckzr@exfg.com.  Alternatively,  you can use an alias as an eye-catcher to impress your friends & colleagues (e.g. bad-golfer@exfg.com).  Just send your preference to the postmaster@exfg.com  .

In any case, please specify your existing private mail address! Indeed, all mails sent to your chosen exFG-address(es) will automatically be redirected to your existing private mailbox. If you don't have a private mail account yet; you can first go e.g. to yahoo.com (unlimted storage, no cost) or to other similar free e-mail service providers such as 'Hotmail' etc.   Ask any coleague or friend or the postmaster@exfg.com in case you might require assistance with this. 

WARNING:   Please be aware that the exFG.com postmaster theoretically is able to manipulate this system in such a way that he could read the contents of the private mails that pass via this system. However, please trust our pledge that such manipulations will never take place!