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The postmaster of exFG (being quite a boring lazy chap) has not managed yet to organise an exFG party but in contrast various other members have been more active, such as Joachim, who with the help of Boris W. reserved tables for approx. 40 persons*** for:

Saturday 5 July 2008 from 16:00 onwards in Biegarten Hofbräukeller, Innere Wiener Strasse 19, 81667 Munich (near U-Bahn station Max Weber Platz)

The weather forecast is very sunny! 

*** All exFG colleagues and friends are evidently welcome. If more than 40 persons show up, then we can simply use the rest of the Biergarden



If you have any interesting info for the exFG community please send it to the postmaster@exfg.com so that it can be posted here.


If you know any present colleagues or ex-colleagues who forgot to apply, please inform them about this site!

If you receive no reply after sending your mail to one of the approximately 200 recipients listed in the E-mail Directory, then please inform the postmaster@exfg.com, so that the (hidden) forwarding address of that recipient can be corrected/udated in the system, if required. 

Anyone who feels or ever felt close to our (ex)companies, is very welcome to apply for her/his exFG mail address(es), as explained on the homepage.